1. Netherland-based artist ©Peter Gentenaar Paper sculptures at Abbey of Saint-Riquier, Picardie, Somme, Northern France (2012)

    100 ethereal, large-scale sculptures of organic shapes float in mid-air throughout the church’s grand halls. 

    • A paper sheet is thin and strong and, reinforced with very thin ribs of bamboo, can be compared to a leaf. By beating pulp a long time, an extraordinary play of forces occurs during the drying process of my paper sculpture. The paper shrinks considerably, up to 40%, and the force of this puts the non-shrinking bamboo framework under stress, just as a leaf when it drys.

      My sculptures start as totally 2-dimensional, colored sheets of pulp laying on my vacuumtable. The forms in my work are caused by pulp drying and shrinking in unison. The simplicity of the material, which is the carrier, the color, the texture and the form, in one, makes working with it wonderful and direct.
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